Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LCARS 47 End User License

This license applies to the entire LCARS 47 suite and subsequent releases, versions, updates, service packs, additional material, supporting files and production material. This license may be updated at anytime.


This package and all related materials are distributed as is. We make no warranty for the functionality and suitability thereto nor can we be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of data, and business resulting from the use of any part of the LCARS 47 suite.


LCARS 47 is and always will be freeware. We will never charge a fee for downloading LCARS 47, any subsequent updates, modules, add-ons, and additional material. This means you do not have to pay to download and use this software.


You may download and use as many copies on as many machines as you like, so long as you have relevant permissions to install software, or you own the computer(s) of which you install the LCARS 47 suite, updates, modules, add-ons, and additional material.


No part of the LCARS suite or related materials may be distributed for monetary gain. This includes hosting “pay-to-download” sites, using ad focused URL redirects, sites that target the user with popups or popunders, or any other download site whereby the person who uploaded the file receives any kind of financial gain for doing so. LCARS 47 may only be redistributed in the form of its unaltered installer. This is to ensure files aren’t altered to contain malicious code or exploited for commercial gain (referral links, and spamvertising). Moreover, if you downloaded the package outside LCARS47.com, LCARS47.net, or theBluPrint.org you use it at your own risk and at no warranty. We will not offer support for installations using files obtained from any other source.


You may use the LCARS 47 Suite in any fan film/series that is published non commercially. You may also use LCARS 47  at any convention, gathering, and public or private event either on standalone monitors or as part of a constructed set piece, so long as the resulting set piece is not intended for sale with LCARS 47 as part of the package. You may not charge an admission fee to the public for viewing the displays or anything they are connected to. You may do this without permission from us or giving us notice. However, in all instances where LCARS 47 is used in motion pictures or live action videography, credit must be given as follows (in the end credits):

LCARS Monitor Animation by the LCARS 47 Development Project
Project Lead: Eleanor C. Davenport
Assistant Manager: Shaun Overton
Quality Control Lead: Lee Byrne
Program Coordinator: Stefan Blakemore
Historian/Exolinguist: Greig Isles


No part of the suite may be reverse engineered, decompiled, or modified in any way. This includes the installer, the program executables and any non-user-customizable files. Furthermore, the software must not be ported to any other platform. The project is under active development and as such, the source code is not publicly available and should not be made so.


All the people that have worked on this project have done so voluntarily and without financial compensation. However, the financial overhead of this project have been funded by ourselves. Although some users may wish to donate to this project in support of its continued development, we would ask that you donate to charity instead since there are so many worthwhile causes out there. The LCARS 47 suite contains code from LCARSDeveloper.com and used in conjunction with the license found there.


Published by Sollertia Station. Star Trek and related marks are registered trademarks of CBS® / PARAMOUNT® PLC. The LCARS 47 applications are made in good faith that they do not infringe on the intellectual property of CBS® / PARAMOUNT® PLC. This work is solely intended to promote the Star Trek franchise and for the enjoyment of fans. This package is freeware. Adobe, Macromedia, Flash and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe® Systems Incorporated. Microsoft®, Windows®, .NET™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. TheBluPrint, the Repository, theVault, and related marks are trademarks of theBluPrint™. All other marks are property of their respective owners. Original LCARS design credit: Mike Okuda.


May 20, 2014